• Challenging centralized storage with blockchain-technology

Developer Oriented – Cyber Security Specialist

JS Security is building a next-generation data storage solution based on cutting edge blockchain technology tailorable for enterprise, governments and private consumers. Our mission is to secure sensitive data in an ever-evolving digital landscape while providing and preserving seamless user experience.

The opportunity to work as a Cyber Security Specialist/Engineer at JS Security is now open. If you have a passion for security and a strong desire to make an influential impact on shaping the future of secure data storage, then we welcome you to apply for this position to join a team of incredible developers who will welcome you with open arms.


  • Oversee our entire security plan while influencing and driving adoption across the team.
  • Work closely with the founders and engineering team to develop, design and implement security solutions.
  • Lead our risk program and establish best practices that will impact the security and long term success of JS Security.
  • Create independently, or collaborate with the engineering team to write and ship security features.
  • Research, document, and implement solutions that will ensure long term success of JS Security.
  • Experience with developing security plans, processes and controls.
  • Experience with discovering vulnerabilities at design/system level.
  • Experience across common vulnerability classes relevant to our tech stack.
  • Proven ability to communicate across roles to drive security mindset across the company.
  • Need to have good knowledge of operational security.
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting.
  • Experience working in an early growth-stage company, self-driven.
  • Ability to think critically and identify areas of technical and non-technical risk.
  • Relevant security certifications are a plus, but not required (OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, GWAPT, LPT, CISSP).

Please include your CV and why you will be a good fit.